Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Officer Alfred Campos Update

The Fresno Bee

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer would like to update the public on a case involving a Fresno Police Officer that generated considerable media attention at the time of the incident.

On July 20, 2006 the Fresno Police Department's Major Narcotics Unit served a search warrant at a residence in which methamphetamines were seized. This residence was co-owned by Officer Alfred Campos and his mother. Officer Campos was not at home when the search warrant was served. Methamphetamines were located in two of the bedrooms that were occupied by the brothers of Officer Campos. In one of the bedrooms, the narcotics were found in a safe that was located within a locked closet. In the other bedroom, the narcotics were found within a locked closet. The doors to each of these bedrooms were also locked. No narcotics, paraphernalia, or money were located in Officer Campos' bedroom, nor did Officer Campos possess a key to either of the brothers' bedrooms or closets.

During the past year a very extensive criminal investigation was conducted by the Major Narcotics Unit, which was followed by a very thorough administrative investigation conducted by the Internal Affairs Bureau to determine if Officer Campos was involved in illegal activity, or if he had knowledge of the illegal activity occurring. The criminal investigation was reviewed by the District Attorney's Office. As part of the administrative process, Officer Campos and his attorney were availed the opportunity to present information that would mitigate his involvement in this investigation. As a result, Officer Campos has been released from administrative leave with pay and is being returned to full duty as an officer in good standing.

Pursuant to the Police Officers Bill of Rights, the Department is prevented from going into the specific details of the administrative investigation or revealing any disciplinary action that may have occurred as a result of this investigation.

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